Maxcyl Liquid Cylinder

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MAXCYL goes beyond being just a liquid cylinder and possesses higher capabilities and advanced features. They are engineered to handle large volumes and are generally employed at construction sites, remote units with purging operations and backup systems.

MAXCYL are palletized ‘larger’ liquid cylinders with swift movement feature. They have a rugged built with tough and durable stainless-steel construction to counter extreme operational conditions.

Key Features of INOXCVA Maxcyl

  • All stainless-steel construction with galvanized base pallet

  • Lower Net Evaporation Rate (NER) with longer holding time

  • Equipped with in-built vaporizer

  • Optional additional external vaporizer for higher flow rate

  • Civil foundation not essential as unit can be placed on levelled surface

Capacity: 1000-5500 litres(260–1450USG) in 24 &38 kg/cm2 (g) (350 &540 psig)

Withdrawal Rate: Upto 130 Nm3/hr(4950 SCFH) with built-on Product Vaporizer

Services: LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O, LNG

Design Code & Insulation: EN1251, ASME; Vacuum with Multi-layer super insulation

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