Oil & Gas, Refining & Petrochemicals

Oil & Gas and petrochemicals put forth some of the most challenging operational needs in tough conditions and locations. Over the years, INOXCVA has grown in stature by serving some of the biggest names in the industry with a range of products to serve the O&G Up-Stream, Mid-Stream & Down-Stream process like On-Shore & Off-shore Drilling and EOR operation, Refinery and Petrochemicals.

Our team has worked closely with industry leaders to improve efficiency, performance and safety. INOXCVA offers a full set of gas supply services, including oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and others, along with systems and equipment that solve our customers’ technical, commercial, or cost-related challenges. Large number of these units are providing satisfactory services to the Oil & Gas industry globally.


  • Utility

  • N2 Package

  • Pipeline services

  • Inerting, Purging, Blanketing

  • EOR, Oil-field services

  • Process Control



Utility Image


N2package Image

N2 Package

Pipeline Image

Pipeline services

Inerting Purging Blanketing Image

Inerting, Purging, Blanketing

Eor Image

EOR, Oil-field services

Process Control Image

Process Control

Applicable Products

Bulk Tank Image

Bulk Tank

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High Pressure Image

High Pressure System

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Vaporizers Image


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Regulating Skid Image

Regulating Skids

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Engineered Package Image

Engineered Package

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Shore Skid Tank Image

Off Shore Skid Tank

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