Micro Bulk Units Options

When it comes to ensuring a steady supply of industrial gases for any applications, INOXCVA offers the finest solutions in vacuum super insulation technology. We ensure supply of several industrial gases with complete management solutions that give cost and efficiency benefits.

INOXCVA's Microbulk range is used to store large quantities of gases in cryogenic conditions to reduce the hassles of handling high-pressure gas cylinders. This comprehensive portfolio is designed to meet specific customer applications and their static or mobile storage needs.

Each Microbulk storage & delivery tank is versatile, rugged and designed for optimized on-site filling. From gas delivery to on-site storage tanks, INOXCVA’s comprehensive microbulk solutions ensures seamless supply and high operational efficiency.

Portacryo Image

Portacryo-Mini Bulk Tank

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Liquid Cylinder Image

Maxcyl-Maxi Liquid Cylinders

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Microcyl Liquid Cylinders Image

Microcyl-Liquid Cylinders

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Micro-Bulk Delivery Units image

Micro-Bulk Delivery Units

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