Food & Beverages

With over 20 years of experience in servicing the Food & Beverage industry, INOXCVA has helped customers ensure optimized product quality and enhanced productivity. Our offered packages have addressed critical needs in freezing and chilling, modified atmosphere packaging, temperature control and cold transportation.

For our beverage customers, we have designed solutions for their carbonation process, beer and wine production and still drinks. Nitrogen Ice cream and coffee are some of our specialty areas, where INOXCVA has really made a difference


  • Chilling, Freezing, Fermentation,

  • Process Control

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) & Storage

  • Storage & Distribution

  • LCO2 Bottling, Carbonation

  • LN2 Dosing, Purging, Inerting

  • Nitro Ice Cream, Home Brew

  • Cooking Fuel



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N2 Package

gas pipeline tanks

Pipeline services

gas pipeline

Inerting, Purging, Blanketing

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EOR, Oil-field services

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Process Control

Applicable Products


Bulk Tank

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High Pressure System

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regulating skid

Regulating Skids

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engineered package

Engineered Package

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Off Shore Skid Tank

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