Company Overview

INOXCVA, a part of the US$ 3 billion capital INOX group of companies, is a globally acclaimed company offering comprehensive solutions in cryogenic storage, vaporization, and distribution engineering. INOXCVA picked up the majority stake in Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (USA), a world leader in large cryogenic transport tanks, oil and gas field pumping units, and mobile LIN storage units.

Headquartered in Vadodara (Gujarat India), INOXCVA has grown to become a market leader in the highly challenging field of vacuum insulated cryogenic equipment in India and across the world. Since its inception in 1992, INOX India has created a wide-ranging portfolio of materials and engineering intellectual properties that include:

  • Cryogenic standard products

  • Cryogenic engineered tanks & systems

  • Large ASU SVD projects

  • Cryogenic scientific projects

  • Cryobiological products

  • LNG Turnkey Solutions

  • Disposable Cylinders

  • Other products for OEMs

Our Vision

To be the world's best integrated cryogenic solutions enterprise with a leadership position across the products and markets, exceeding customer and stakeholder expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach the acme of perfection by updating our technology and expertise in our concerned arena, rendering maximum satisfaction to our clients.

To achieve this, we will use all our energies in developing and implementing the leading-edge technologies and draw on both to deliver effective world-class solutions to our customers.

We ascertain our clients to offer them superior quality products by continuously maintaining high-quality levels with the implementation of stringent checks on a regular basis.

The company with a penchant for perfection, commitment to excellence, and meet world-class standards has developed a full range of cryogenic liquid storage tanks, distribution tanks, and flat bottom tanks. INOXCVA is a reputed supplier to leading International Gas Companies worldwide like