Helium balloon Cylinders

Celebrations and parties are a hit when helium is supplied in INOXCVA’s high-quality, DOT-approved cylinders – a trusted choice for businesses seeking a reliable cylinder solution.

Our helium cylinders are available in 10lbs and 15lbs capacity, with a safety relief pressure range from 325 to 800 psig, designed for top-notch protection during operations, ensuring a safe work and party environment.

These units are great for filling helium for celebration or party balloons, decorating events, or as a backup supply of helium in case of an emergency.The cylinders sold empty and required to be filled only by experienced and approved helium gas suppliers at their authorized centers. Our multi-colored helium cylinders, with a polished finish, are compact in size and easy to transport, making them great for balloon party decorators on the go.

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Key Features

  • Manufactured and certified according to DOT specifications.

  • Available in 20T and 30T capacities (number of balloons).

  • Customized multicolor, multi-ply carton packing.

  • Supplied with ~0.5kg/cm2 positive pressure before shipping