Projects Executed

INOXCVA have successfully executed several projects globally supported with its in-house Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Construction, Testing and commissioning capabilities and resources.

INOXCVA offers project specific solutions for Cryogenic liquid Storage, Vaporization and Distribution systems on EPC and EPCC basis for Scientific Research Applications, LNG Vaporization, LCNG fueling Stations, LNG Terminal, Petrochemicals, Steel, Oil & Gas and Fertilizer industries. Solutions provided are enriched by the expertise acquired and resources developed over years in executing the Projects.

The company is empowered by a team of skilled Project Managers, Engineers, Planners and Financial experts. The collective experience and knowledge of the team ensures compliance to minute details of client specifications and requirements.

The company also has dedicated in-house team for project implementation – from planning to execution, procurement to marketing and logistics and scores a perfect 10 when it comes to credentials, experience and track record. Our long and impressive list of clients includes most of the leading EPC companies, major engineering companies, reputed national O&G companies and Industrial Gas producers. We have won contracts from government agencies through local and international competitive bidding, meeting the stringent requirements and have established a strong presence with a high reputation for execution of prestigious projects across the globe.

Large Cryogenic Storage, Vaporization and Distribution Systems including Flat Bottom Tanks
up to 5000 m3 capacity in various steel and ASU Installation at:
  • Hazira, India

  • Bokaro, India

  • Durgapur, India

  • Chennai, India

  • Pune, India

  • Germany

Multiple Shop Built Cryogenic Storage Vaporization, Distribution and Automatic Cylinder Filling System:
  • Petrochemical Industry, Jamnagar

  • Oil and Gas ASU at Algeria, Kuwait

LNG Storage and Re gasification System at:
  • Norway

  • USA

  • Jamaica

  • Chile

  • Halol, India

Mini LNG Terminal at Scotland, UK LNG Fueling Stations at:
  • Kochi, India

  • Dahej, India

  • Nagpur, India

  • Bhopal, India

  • Rajpipla, India

    and many more in pipeline

Scientific research Facilities at multiple locations of Space research organizations across the India LNG Marine Fuel tanks installations in many Ships for improvement in carbon emission and to save environment by Go-LNG initiatives.