Fusion (ITER) and Superconductivity


Apart from being deeply involved in space applications, nuclear industry, and all other major technologies involving cryogenics, CSD has the distinguished capability to devise cryogenic distribution systems that include Superconducting magnets and cryopumps operating at extreme temperatures. Such temperatures are obtained by circulating a steady flux of cryogenic fluid through a complex network of high-technology multi process piping—the cryolines.

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Be it pushing Cryo-technology to higher orbits, designing & development initiatives for Clean Energy and Ultra-low Temperature applications, or applying engineering expertise for Advanced Technologies and turnkey solutions for Scientific & Industrial Research – INOXCVA is leveraging its cutting-edge technical expertise and expansive product portfolio to innovate Clean Energy solutions that make a world of difference to the world, with development of Green Energy.

Achieved excellence in Design, Modelling, Analysis, Sourcing, Procurement and Manufacturing of storage, distribution & transport equipment for Cryogens ranging from 2 to 200oK (-271 to -73oC) Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon.

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Satellite & Launch Facilities

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Cryogenic Propulsion System & Research

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Cryogenic Process Technologies

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