Electronics & Semi-Conductor

Rapid advancements in technology have catalyzed the need for electronic components, chips, semiconductors. INOXCVA has been serving the industry with advanced cryogenic solutions that help create an inert atmosphere for electronics & chip manufacturing. Our expertise and solutions offer much-improved performance while ensuring minimal downtime and defect-free assembly and test processes.

Our solutions, meeting the stringent UHP requirements of Semi-Conductor & Electronics Industry, have been present in every process of electronic manufacturing – right from assembly and testing to packaging, storage and cleaning.


  • PCB assembly & test

  • IC testing & packing

  • Semi-Conductors chip manufacturing

  • TFT



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n2package image

N2 Package

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Pipeline services

Inerting Purging Blanketing Image

Inerting, Purging, Blanketing

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EOR, Oil-field services

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Process Control

Applicable Products

Bulk Tank Image

Bulk Tank

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High Pressure Image

High Pressure System

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Regulating Skid

Regulating Skids

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Engineered Package

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Off Shore Skid Tank

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