Health Care & Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences Research brings along high demand and challenges. Critical Care and Pathbreaking Research need top-performing equipment and solutions. INOXCVA has proudly & promptly served customers active in healthcare and life sciences, on utmost priority.

In hospitals, we have provided the storage and distribution system for medical gases to empower healthcare professionals deliver services to the best of their abilities. Our cryo-storage solutions have been widely used to store and preserve the integrity of biological samples. We have also catered to the diagnostics segment involved in research, testing, and measurement by providing a large range of quality analytical gases and gas handling equipment and services. Also see our response to COVID-19


  • Liquid Medical Oxygen supply in Hospital & Medical Facilities

  • Research Labs & Diagnostics

  • Cryo Preservation

  • Cryotherapy

  • pH balancing



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N2 Package

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Pipeline services

Inerting Purging Blankeling Image

Inerting, Purging, Blanketing

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EOR, Oil-field services

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Process Control

Applicable Products

Bulk Tank

Bulk Tank

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High Pressure

High Pressure System

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Regulating Skids

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Engineered Package

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Off Shore Skid Tank

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