​​Metal Processing

The well-established metals industry is always under the scanner for its Carbon footprint, reduce environmental impact and optimize the use of critical resources. INOXCVA has capitalized on its expertise and experience to enhance operational efficiency by delivering a system for an uninterrupted industrial gas supply for numerous applications. We have all the capabilities to design and deliver large gas supply units that meet the large-scale needs of metal processing. Supplied packages are used for processes like melting, smelting, metal transfer, reheating & to create an inert atmosphere for other processes.


  • Cutting, Welding, Annealing

  • Heating, Melting, Forming

  • Quenching, Heat Treatment, Fitting

  • Laser Cutting

  • N2 Purging, Inerting, Cooling

  • Cutting and welding fuel



Welding metal Image

Cutting, Welding, Annealing

Melting Refining Image

Heating, Melting, Forming

Quenching Metal Image

Quenching, Heat Treatment, Fitting

Laser Cutting Image

Laser Cutting

N2 Purging Image

N2 Purging, Inerting, Cooling

Applicable Products

Storage Tanks Image

Storage Tanks

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Vaporizer Image


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Microbulk Image


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FBT Steel Image


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