Refrigerant Cylinders

INOXCVA has been the trusted name when it comes to disposable and non-refillable cylinders for gases. Our designs cover a wide range of industrial applications and are known for their exceptional quality, reliability, performance and value, while adhering to all safety standards and international norms.

INOXCVA Disposable cylinders are used to store refrigerants R22 / R134a/ R410a etc. They Manufactured and certified as per DOT 39 specifications and customized to Buyers branding.

Refrigerant Cylinders image

Key Features

  • Full Range of non-refillable disposable refrigerant gas cylinders

  • Superior quality with competitive price

  • Process to meet your total requirements and global standard to match reliability

  • Excellent welding and polyurethane paints to have better finish

  • Satisfied customers all over the globe

  • Available for R22/R134a/R404a/R407c/R409 etc.