Cryoseal® - Liquid Nitrogen Containers

INOXCVA is one of the globally leading and trusted names when it comes to Liquid Nitrogen Containers. With more than 20 years experience and over 200,000 containers distributed worldwide, INOXCVA has the capabilities to deliver Liquid Nitrogen Containers (Dewars) that store and monitor temperature-sensitive samples. This helps in ensuring 100% integrity of stored biological samples.


Key Features

  • Double-wall vacuum and super insulation provides long term storage of liquid nitrogen

  • Ultra-low temperature preservation of biological samples

  • Cryoseal has a convenient holding time and capacity

  • Rugged, reliable, efficient & economical in operation with long life

  • High strength aluminium alloy provides sturdiness yet is lightweight

  • Containers are available to store vials in convenient box type storage racks

  • Dry Shipper is designed to store biological samples in vapour phase at ultra-low temperature of (-) 150 or below.

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