Engineered Package Systems


Turnkey Solutions for Engineered Package Systems

Complete systems including all equipment required Ex-Air Separation Unit (ASU) outlet to deliver product at customer take-off point or process battery limit for purging inerting, blanketing solutions

Equipment designed by INOXCVA includes Flat Bottom Tanks (FBT), Vacuum Insulated Storage Tanks (VIST), Super-Insulated Transfer Piping, Ambient and Steam Bath Vaporizers, Pressure Control & Regulating Skids for Liquid Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2, & N2O

INOXCVA's strength lies in offering customized systems meeting customer needs, compliant to meeting project specifications, operation and control philosophy and delivered to international standards.


Components and equipment like High-Pressure Reciprocating Pumps, Centrifugal Transfer Pumps, Valves and Instrument & PLC based Control System for Pressure, Temperature & Flow are integrated in the packaged design to provide a complete system solution.

Systems are designed for various process applications like inerting, purging, emergency backup, blanketing and specialized applications like emergency backup supply of oxygen gas, nitrogen gas at high flow rates for metal industries, etc.