Europe Plant

INOXCVA started operations in Europe in the year 2014. Based in Alblasserdam, Netherlands, near Rotterdam, INOXCVA Europe B.V. offers ex-stock, for local purchase range of storage tanks & micro-bulk units, designed keeping in mind the European buyer.

INOXCVA Europe View lage

Standard offerings that include Vaporisers & Cyro-biological product range are also available at INOXCVA Europe unit. INOXCVA's European footprint offers ground service support, inland transportation solutions, installation & commissioning services and local approval of installations. The stock yard of INOXCVA Europe B.V. is EN certified to go along with global accreditations of INOXCVA.

Nieuwland Parc 101,
2952 DD Alblasserdam,
The Netherlands,
+ 31 78 890 4265
+ 48 514 61 5600
+ 31 78 644 2155