King and Queens Mobile Storage Tanks


Trailer mounted mobile rugged cryogenic storage tanks for Oil Field service.

The King or Queen are equipped with Diesel engine driven Hydraulic Power Pack that operates the cryogenic pumping system to deliver cryogenic liquid at specific pressure & flow. Pump safety system.

Emergency control circuit and a whole bunch of control and monitoring instruments & accessories form part of this completely integrated autonomous system.

King - Cryogenic Trailer (10.1kUS)) for Oil & Gas operations, designed to be hauled in filled condition complying with road regulations, operates as a stand-alone cryogenic storage tank on-site.

Queen - Mobile Storage vessel, larger than King, is hauled empty as a Trailer, and operates as a large capacity cryogenic storage tank on-site, independent of the Prime mover.

Piping design are optimized to fit the site conditions to facilitate filling and withdrawal. Valves and gauges are designed to be easily accessible. Operation and maintenance are easy with design of the entire system meeting customer's specifications.

Selected on basis of site-requirement & cryogenic liquid consumption pattern, the King or Queen provide transportable storage and supply of cryogenic liquid (or ga)) at required pressure and flow in Oil & Gas operation sites.

king queen

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