Microcyl® Cylinder

MICROCYL is a versatile and portable liquid cylinder with proven performance and storage capabilities. MICROCYL Cylinders are double-walled vacuum insulated cylinders that can be used for gas as well as liquid applications. They have a stainless-steel bottle construction with a thick and dent-resistant exterior shell. MICROCYL Cylinders are extremely portable and offer faster mobility with the help of foot rings. Cylinders with different pressure levels are also available.

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Key Features of INOXCVA Microcyl®

  • All Stainless-steel construction

  • Efficient super insulation for optimum performance

  • Built-in economizer line to minimize the losses

  • Equipped with reputed valves and gauges

  • Product portability supports filling by transport tanks at customer location / site or filling at ASU - bulk storage location/ site 11

  • Convenient handling by trolley (optional)

Capacity: 150-450 litres(40–119 USG) in 24 & 35 kg/cm2 (g) (350/500 psig)

Withdrawal Rate: 10 Nm3/hr(380 SCFH) with built-on Product Vaporizer

Services: LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O, LNG

Design Code & Insulation: EN1251, ASME 4L, AS1210, Vacuum with Multi-layer super insulation

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