Mini Floating Storage and Regas Units (FSRU)

INOXCVA’s small-scale Floating Storage & Regas Units (FSRU) are specially engineered units that cater to small to medium scale LNG needs in power plants, local gas grids and others. Mini FSRU provides the right solution for countries having long coastline, lack of pipeline infrastructure as well as island based nations. These units are designed from initial concept level to precisely incorporate smaller gas demands, while ensuring optimized safety levels equivalent to similar land based mini LNG Terminals.

INOXCVA along with their partner shipyards has the capability to provide the mini FSRU from concept to commissioning, including design, development and site implementation on the marine platform/structure.

Key benefits of Mini FSRU

  • Lower initial CAPEX.

  • Lower Implementation time.

  • Maximum Shop Built Modules with stringent quality controls.

  • Modularized concept to minimize site work and yard related costs.

  • Minimum or no Jetty Infrastructure required.

  • Most suitable solution where scarcity of land or where longer time frame for land permitting is envisaged.

  • Relocation of mini FSRU is feasible due to change in market or demand conditions.

Major modules of INOXCVA’s Mini FSRU include:

  • Multiple LNG Storage Tanks

  • LNG Cargo Receiving Module

  • LNG Bunkering/reloading Module

  • LNG Regasification Facility

Key Features of INOXCVA’s Mini FSRU include:

  • Vacuum Insulated Storage Tanks with efficient Insulation system resulting into negligible Boil-Of-Generation with each tank capacity up to 1250 m3 each or Foam Insulated Tanks with each tank capacity up to 2000 m3 each.

  • Regasification Options: Ambient Air Vaporizers & Shell & Tube Type Vaporizers.

  • Ship to Ship LNG Transfer through Cryogenic Flexible Hoses with ERC.

  • Fully Automatic PLC based control system with SCADA

  • Ship to Shore link interface system capable to integrate FSRU to Land operations.

  • In built Safety Systems

  • Designed to IGC Code, Classification Society Rules & Country specific regulations.

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