Rigid Chassis Tanks


Rigid Chassis Cryogenic Tankers available in various capacities for transportation for Liquid Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, LCO2, LN2O, and Ethylene.

Design focus is on minimum tare weights with maximum payload performance and rugged strength of the tankers. These are Vacuum with multi-layered super-insulated for efficient and cost-effective transportation covering short and long distances.The cabinets and pumping capabilities are ergonomically built for easy in operations.

INOXCVA’s rigid chassis designs offer very high maneuverability even on narrow and challenging roads with high-volume operations.

Key Features of INOXCVA Rigid Chassis Tankers

  • Reliable support system for rough road conditions

  • Rugged and ergonomic rear operational valve cabinet

  • High-quality surface & paint finish

  • Austenitic Stainless Steel inner vessel

  • Sampling point for purity check

  • Stainless steel lifting hooks

  • Hose storage box

  • Bellow sealed vacuum probe valve with vacuum gauge tube covered for protection

  • Inner vessel safety valve with flow diverter valve for maintenance without depressurization

Capacity: 2000~37000 liters (528~9,774 gal); MAWP between 3 to 24 kg/cm2(g) (42 to 341 psig)

Services: LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O, LNG, Ethylene

Design: EN13530-2, ASME, AS1210

Insulation: Vacuum with Multi-layer super insulation

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