Steam Heated Water Bath

INOXCVA offers high performing Steam Heated Vaporizers with direct and indirect heating alternatives. The Water Bath has sturdy steel built with a stainless-steel vaporizer coil submerged in water.

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Key Features

With direct heating and indirect heating variants, INOXCVA Steam-Heated Water Bath, these Vaporizers are optimized to eliminate steam hammering and erosion, while ensuring minimal noise emissions. Water circulating pumps and alternative heating sources are available optional.

Capacity Range:

  • Working Medium LIN / LOX / LAR

  • Flow Rates: 1500 to 40000 NM3 / Hr

  • Design Pressure upto 40kg / cm2 (g)

  • MOC of coil pipe SA312TP304

  • Heating medium steam sparged in water bath

  • Bath type concrete / steel

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