Wide Mouth Containers

CRYOSEAL WM series uses technology of high vacuum multilayer insulation, designed for preservation of biological specimens like vaccines, semen, tissues for medical research applications.

WMC’s unique features: Stainless steel grade body, high vacuum multi-layer super insulated for long life & durability in service, low static evaporation loss rate 10 ltr/day, revolving compartments that assist the operator in handling any canister, heavy duty caster wheels & handles which allow easy movement, six compartments housing 126 canisters of, ergonomically designed mouth of the container which is away from the center enabling operator reach to relevant canister.

Backed with proven research & development efforts and having successfully completed rigorous quality assurance tests, INOXCVA has set up a CRYO BIO division, completely dedicated for manufacturing these products for use in industries like Animal Husbandry Departments, Dairy, Livestock Development Board, NGO, Medical Research Institutes & Vaccine Producing Companies


  • Capacity

  • Material of construction

  • Height (approx.)

  • Outer diameter

  • Neck opening (id)

  • Empty weight with canister & lifter

  • Gross full weight

  • Static Evaporation Loss Rate at STP

  • Canister od

  • Canister height

  • Number of canisters

  • Standards accessories


  • 550 ltr

  • Stainless steel Grade SS 304

  • 1250 mm

  • 1100 mm

  • 425 mm

  • 350 kg

  • 795 kg

  • 10 ltr/day

  • 70 mm

  • 520 mm

  • 126 canisters in 6 Compartments (21 per Compartment )

  • Lifters

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